Virgo Man Taurus Woman In Bed – 5 Tips a Woman must know

Last Updated on February 27, 2023

A Virgo man and a Taurus woman can make an incredible couple in the bedroom.

Their combination of distinct personalities, physical chemistry, and shared passions can lead to a deeply satisfying relationship.

Both signs are known for their sensuality and love of pleasure, making them perfectly matched for passionate encounters.

In this article, we will delve into the details of what it is like for a Virgo man and a Taurus woman to make love in bed.

We will explore how they both bring something special to their intimate moments while also learning how they can learn from each other’s unique approaches.

With insight into how to create harmony between their differences, you’ll be ready to ignite the sparks between these two star-crossed lovers!


5 Key Takeaways

1. Virgo man and Taurus woman are a great match in the bedroom, as they both enjoy taking their time to explore each other’s bodies and savor the moment.

2. Both signs are highly sensual and passionate, so they can create an intense physical connection that will leave them both feeling satisfied.

3. Virgo men appreciate the stability and security that Taurus women bring to the relationship, while Taurus women admire Virgo men’s attention to detail and ability to please them in bed.

4. Communication is key for this couple; talking openly about likes, dislikes, fantasies, and boundaries will help ensure that both partners get what they need from their sexual encounters.

5. With patience, understanding, and a willingness to experiment, a Virgo man and a Taurus woman can have an incredibly fulfilling sex life together. Activating his mental “G Spot” is the answer.

Sexual Compatibility

virgo man laying next to taurus woman in bedSexual compatibility between a Virgo man and a Taurus woman is considered to be a very complimentary match.

Couples with these zodiac signs have a natural ability to understand each other’s needs and they have similar perspectives regarding various aspects of life.

The main thing a woman needs to understand is how to encourage her Virgo lover to drop his inhibitions and relax. This short video explains how to do it.

They are both Earth signs and a Virgo guy tends to be highly attracted to other Earth signs.

Virgo Man Taurus Woman in Bed

The secret to keeping a Virgo man sexually happy in bed is to be a little mysterious and unpredictable.

This guy is really turned on if you are adventurous and prepared to make him feel you really want him.

The Virgo male is a caring and considerate lover and will not want to make you feel intimidated by forcing the pace.

Allow him to take the lead but then surprise him by taking over occasionally by introducing things that will take his passion into orbit.

Sensual Stroking

To put your Virgo man in the mood, it is so important to engage in pre-intercourse fun.

Seductively teasing him by gently caressing him with your touch is a great way to turn him on.

Changing between light and firm strokes, gently biting his hands and neck will excite him and drive him wild with anticipation.

Kissing and blowing in his ear, and whispering words like these are especially effective as they can send a feeling of pleasure pulsating through his body.

A man’s main erogenous zone is his genitals so paying this area a lot of attention will definitely be appreciated and will raise his excitement for you.

Caressing and stroking in just the right way is important to set his pulse racing.

Oral Sex

A Virgo man loves oral sex, both giving and receiving.

This form of foreplay is at the top of his list when interacting with the erotic build-up to intercourse.

The emotional connection created via good oral sex can be the foundation of lasting love and respect.

However, if your oral technique is average or worse, then in time your Virgo guy will start to be less sexually satisfied and his attraction to you will wane.

This may sound shallow, but it’s vitally important that you take it into account when assessing how much your guy loves you.

The surprising thing is that the majority of women think they are good at oral.

They don’t realize there are techniques involved that will take your man to higher and higher levels of sexual pleasure.

Following a recent survey by a leading men’s magazine into oral pleasure, the majority of guys confirmed that most women were pretty average, with some saying it was even a turn-off for them.

Most men, with one girlfriend in their lives, were emotionally close because they had the knowledge to perform exciting oral sex.

Jack Hudson is a qualified sex therapist who instructs women of all nationalities in ways that make their men totally sexually addicted to them.

He explains these techniques to raise the passion in your lovemaking to new heights with this video here.

Together, the Virgo man and Taurus woman in bed are a couple who tend to pay a lot of attention to situations before they can decide to take any step romantically.

It is likely that the Taurus woman will need to initiate lovemaking to allow her Virgo partner to establish his full potential.

However, to get the most from a relationship a Taurus woman will need to learn how to obtain the complete trust of her Virgo crush.

A Virgo man has a shy reserved side that needs understanding before he can give his heart to a woman.

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Virgo Man’s Desires

smiling couple in bedA guy born with the sign of Virgo, which has associations with virginity makes him a person who needs romantic encouragement.

He will probably be slow to discuss his deepest desires for fear of offending you.

If you want to achieve sexual harmony between the sheets you will need to understand what turns him on.

Whispering words of suggestive innuendo in his ear during romantic liaisons can release his true desires.

Mastering this technique is the key to arousing the latent passions in your Virgo crush.

If you would like to become more confident in arousing your Virgo man’s passions this short video will sweep away any inhibitions you may have.

It will also allow you to create a desire in his mind that will cement your relationship and make you the only woman he ever wants.

Felicity has developed a program that explains exactly what to say, and how and when to say it.

If you want to bring real passion into your relationship listen to this short video which explains the power of The Language of Desire here.

Both of these zodiac signs have the potential to blend well together.

However, a woman will have to take the lead initially by activating and releasing a Virgo guy’s true sexual potential.

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Sex Between Virgo Man and Taurus Woman In Bed?

 Virgo man Taurus woman in bed cuddling under a blanket

Virgo men and Taurus women in bed tend to have a strong and instant connection because of their sensual and practical approach to sex.

The Virgo guy will definitely enjoy the company of his Taurus lady because of her loving and caring nature.

The Taurus woman may well be enthralled by his dedication.

A Taurus woman loves to be given attention by her Virgo man.

Luckily, a Virgo guy will be able to give her that attention while in between the sheets.

He knows very well what will excite his Taurus woman, which will enable him to give her pleasure and undivided attention.

A Virgo man will also draw encouragement that his Taurus lover has done everything to satisfy his secret desires.

To achieve total satisfaction both parties need to be relaxed and without inhibitions.

A Virgo guy may initially be reserved until he is assured that he is doing everything to please his Taurus lady.

By learning about and understanding his desires the Taurus woman can bring about the ultimate compatibility between the two of them.

Having the inside knowledge of the Sextrology makeup of a Virgo man will definitely help the Taurus lady to create an environment for alluring and passionate lovemaking.

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Taurus Woman with Virgo Man In Bed

Virgo man on bed looking at Taurus woman by the windowTaurus woman is extremely sensual, dominant, a great listener and she has a very critical eye.

She is known to be very cautious and slow in making decisions which is also a trait of a Virgo guy.

The Taurus woman may well find it helpful in understanding the Virgo Man Sextrology.

This will help her create the emotional attachment that she craves by comprehending the pace at which a Virgo guy feels comfortable moving forward.

The male who is born under the zodiac sign of Virgo is usually a perfectionist, who is analytical, organized, loyal, and commitment-orientated.

He takes his time in making decisions and hates to be pushed or chased.

He is a guy who will definitely adore, spoil, protect, and lavish his Taurus woman with gifts, once he has decided she could be the one.

This is where the Taurus woman needs to take her time and play it cleverly. Finding out about his characteristics in the early stages will definitely pay off later on.

Virgo man is not known to be very romantic, but he will put in a lot of effort to ensure that they have a stable and harmonious relationship.

When he feels he has the commitment he will do all in his power to make sure his Taurus lady remains a happy bunny.

If you are a Taurus woman who is head over heels for a Virgo man, this article will help you to gain insights into how your sex life will unfold during the relationship.

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Virgo Man Taurus Woman In Bed Foreplay

Virgo Man Taurus woman making loveTaurus woman is aroused when her Virgo partner massages, cuddles, kisses, and compliments her for her unique qualities in bed.

She is a foodie and it will be no surprise if she introduces some strawberries covered in chocolate during foreplay.

Become Virgo Man’s Dream Fantasy >> Find Out Here

Taurus woman does not mind having the Virgo guy dominate her body.

She can feel confident that her Virgo man will only experiment with new experiences with her consent.

She needs to make him aware of any boundaries and this comes from understanding his desires.

Felicity has developed a program that explains exactly what to say, and how and when to say it.

If you want to bring real passion into your relationship listen to what Felicity has to say in this short video of The Language of Desire here.

Being completely comfortable with the techniques that are shared by Felicity will create a bond providing everything that a Virgo man is seeking from a relationship.

On the other hand, a Virgo man also likes being given attention by his Taurus lady and you can be sure that she will delight his senses because she is never in a rush.

The Virgo guy is going to enjoy making love with his Taurus woman because she is the kind of girl who normally takes her time to study his body as well as what he is thinking.

What’s more, Virgo man prefers to make love to their lady in a secure, comfortable, and romantic setting.

He will enjoy sex with his Taurus woman if the sheets are clean, and if the room has delicious scents. Also in a secure location where they will not be disturbed.

Luckily, a Taurus woman is also known to enjoy her comforts. Making love in a comfortable bed with luxurious bedding is her joy and this is definitely what a Virgo guy wants.

The vanilla-like smell on the skin of the Taurus woman is also likely to turn on the Virgo guy.

He also enjoys foreplay and he will make sure he learns new skills just to make his sex life with the Taurus lady blissful.

She should not be worried about suggesting things she likes which will enhance the relationship.

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I recently came across a YouTube video that you may like to take a look at.

It covers more about Virgo man Taurus women in bed, attraction, and compatibility. I hope it helps in giving you the info you need for a successful relationship.

Sex Positions for Taurus and Virgo

The best sex position for a Virgo man and a Taurus Woman in bed is the missionary style. Her most erogenous zone is her breasts.

To be more specific, she really gets turned on when her nipples are nibbled by her Virgo partner.

On the other hand, the best sex position for the Virgo male is the face-to-face standing-up position.

This enables him to be direct, while his most erogenous zone is his stomach, particularly his navel. A gentle rubbing on his stomach would definitely turn him on.

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Final Thoughts

The combination of a Virgo man Taurus woman in bed will definitely be very sensual, respectful, powerful, and grounded.

Both of them will, without a doubt, be able to understand and fulfill each other’s wishes and desires.

However, a Taurus woman needs to fully understand how a Virgo man ticks, and how he thinks about sex.

He tends to be very uninterested in sex when he does not feel secure and physically comfortable.

Leading astrologer and relationship expert James Bauer has studied the deep-rooted obsession in a Virgo man and produced a video that explains this need.

Every relationship is different but you can listen to James to see if the program His Secret Obsession will help your situation.

This is a recent review I wrote on a book by a renowned relationship coach.

Get the low down on the Sextrology of a Virgo guy, how he thinks about sex and what turns him on by Clicking This Link.

The Complete Virgo Man

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Please feel free to contact me if you think I may be able to help with anything.

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