Virgo Man Traits and Characteristics – 6 Facts You Must Know

Last Updated on January 25, 2023

5 Key Virgo Man Traits and Characteristics

1. Virgo men are typically analytical, detail-oriented, and organized.

2. They tend to be reliable, loyal, and hardworking.

3. Virgo men often have a strong sense of morality and justice.

4. They can be shy and reserved in social situations but can also be quite charming when they open up.

5. Virgo men are often highly intelligent and enjoy intellectual pursuits such as reading or problem-solving.

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Discover more about the characteristics of a Virgo Man now and find out if he could be the one for you!

a virgo man with his girlfriendVirgo Man Traits and Characteristics

Have you got the hots for a charismatic Virgo guy but are confused by some of the signals he is sending out?

Maybe you are in a start-stop relationship and concerned about why he sometimes seems to blow hot and cold with his affections.

If so, then you need to understand more about the Virgo man’s personality traits and how these relate to his reactions in a romantic situation.

This video by a relationship expert may explain some of the reasons why he may be pulling back from you.

The true Virgo male traits of his personality are sometimes hidden behind a reserved exterior that needs to be uncovered.

When done correctly can lead to creating the perfect partnership.

When dealing with a Virgo man his traits and specific characteristics need to be understood if a woman is to be assured of capturing his heart.

Read on to discover all you need to know.

Virgo Man Personality

Astrology and the zodiac sign a person is born under can have a bearing on personality and can be a guide to how couples interact.

To understand the Virgo man’s traits and characteristics, you need to know how he thinks and acts in situations regarding affairs of the heart.

A Virgo man is recognized as having a trusting nature and a warm outgoing personality with a woman he feels completely comfortable with.

However, if you want to create a lasting relationship you have to realize that a man may think totally differently from a woman when it comes to romance and affairs of the heart.

Smiling woman who has learned how to keep a Virgo man happy with arm around his shoulderCompatibility with a Virgo man relies on a woman appreciating his need to be understood and also her willingness to uncover and release his desire to love one woman.

What a Virgo man is attracted to, above all, in a woman is her caring nature and her understanding that a relationship is built on trust and consideration.

Of course, physical attraction is important but what Virgo guys are looking for is an emotional connection as explained in this video that will last.

If you, want to truly win the heart of your Virgo guy and become the only woman he ever wants, then understanding the following, will give you the key to your future happiness together.

It is a study that has been completed over the last ten years, by world-renowned relationship expert James Bauer, into what a Virgo man is really looking for from a relationship.

Most women automatically think of sex and physical attraction, which might be right to start with, but will it hold a guy long term?

Deep in the heart of most Virgo men is an overriding desire to be seen in the eyes of their true love as being her hero.

This is something that seems to be written into his DNA and is waiting to be triggered by that special woman.

Are you that special woman? who can trigger his emotions and turn them from like to love, thus becoming the center of his universe and unlocking the key to his heart?

This study contains vital knowledge that every woman needs to know, to open the heart of a man, and I cannot fully describe the benefits of his system in this article.

So, if you think your Virgo guy could be ‘Mr. Right’ and are wanting to hear the three magic words of ‘I Love You, then this short video will provide the missing link to your long-term relationship.

Virgo Man Characteristics

woman thinking about her Virgo man traitsDo you know that one person who is always so prepared? You might be thinking of a Virgo man.

He’s the reliable, responsible type with plenty going on in his head, and around him most of the time.

But what about relationships? Well luckily, I’ve got some insight here for you.

You’re probably wondering if these guys can really handle commitment…and let me tell you; they sure do!

As long as their love interest understands the most important thing a Virgo man wants in a relationship.

Virgo Man Bad Traits

Most Virgo men tend to be stubborn, and you can see why this might be a problem.

They have the tendency to always be right and will not compromise for anything less than perfection – which is just impossible in today’s world!

Luckily their humility keeps them from bragging about all that fantastic stuff they’ve done.

But yes…stubbornness takes up so much time at work because there’s no way around making decisions quickly if we want things out-of-the-box sorted.

Virgo Man Good Traits

Virgo men are practical, responsible, and reliable.

When they make a promise to you or anyone else it’s because there is no one better than them at fulfilling that task – not even close!

Not only will their word be your trust but also any other agreements together: marriage contracts for example (Virgos sign up fast). The best part about this trait?

When faced with making tough decisions; Virgo Men always find time to think things over before deciding on what needs to be done.

Usually, without much fussing around like some people might do while attempting such tasks.

Virgo Man and Romance

couple holding handsThe perfect romantic match.

Virgos are independent and their love is devoted, but also realistic.

They don’t enter relationships unless they’re one hundred percent committed to the other person.

When it comes down to staying in a relationship for good or bad times alike (and there will always be some), this sign takes commitments very seriously.

This might explain why these beings can often come off as such intense lovers during courtship periods!

The only downside: not enough overt affection from them–although perhaps that’ll change once you start tempting fate by testing out your sweetheart, with these enticing words.

Virgo Man and Sex

The one thing that can be said about a Virgo man in bed is he’s not the type to overthink things.

Rather than worrying, “What if I do this? Or what if we try out new positions?”

He’ll just let his partner take charge and enjoy themselves without too much second-guessing or judgment because really after all isn’t sex meant for having fun?

Virgos need someone supportive who will help them relax; it’s been known as “the best cure” (or rather release) when you’re stressed out!

These guys also love being told exactly how they should perform certain acts like oral sex for instance.

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Getting to Grips With a Virgo Man

The one thing you can always count on a virginal man for is honesty.

They won’t tolerate any lies from their loved ones and they will tell all to get whatever it is that needs to be done, whether it’s good or bad news!

Understand them though because these types do care deeply about those around them- especially family members;

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He is a Man of Honor

smiling couple standing by a treeIn general, the Virgo male personality is known to have outstanding character traits of dependability and honor.

Normally a very organized person who looks for harmony in his life.

Once you allow him to get to know you at his own pace, you will find he will relax and want to prove to you he is reliable and trustworthy.

Besides this, he has a good sense of realism, attentive to detail, and always strives for perfection in what he does.

This can sometimes be to his detriment, especially with people who do not understand Virgo man’s complicated nature.

One of Virgo’s male personality traits is that he does not show his feelings easily to a woman even if he is madly attracted to her.

He fears rejection, and care needs to be taken in the early stages to avoid giving him the wrong signals like trying to make him jealous just to get his attention.

Once a Virgo guy has had time to decide that he is not going to be rejected or hurt emotionally, he will relax and open up.

This is when a woman will see the true Virgo male personality shining through.

As you reach this stage in your relationship other characteristics of the Virgo male will naturally become apparent.

The more relaxed you can make him feel when in your company the more of the true Virgo male traits will be shown to you.

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Do Not Try to Push Yourself on a Virgo Man

The Virgo guy will need to know that you find him interesting and attractive, but in no circumstances should you try to push him into wanting you.

He needs to feel he is in charge of his destiny and will want to experience being in control of the relationship, (even if you and I know he’s not).

man chasing woman across floorThere is a fine balance to be had when dealing with your Virgo guy because situations will vary between different partnerships.

Relationships need to have time to develop and unfortunately, one size does not fit all.

This article needs to be read as a general overview, but you must be aware that some adjustments may be needed as romance blossoms.

If you have the hots for a Virgo guy, the last thing you want to do is scare him away by not properly understanding his traits and characteristics, which will help you see his true personality.

Alternatively, if you are in a relationship with a Virgo guy, and you feel his interest is waning in you, don’t ignore it and just hope for the best. This course of action just leads to frustration and argument.

So, what do you do? Every situation will vary, but getting him to open up, without pressure, and talk about his feelings is the underlining starting point.

I recently wrote a review of a great book that goes into a lot more detail about Virgo’s male traits and how he reacts in romantic situations and relationships with the opposite sex.

The book has been written by devoted astrologer and relationship coach Anna Kovach and gives a thorough background understanding of how and why a Virgo man thinks and acts the way he does.

Anna has entitled her work Virgo Man Secrets and includes a separate section on Sextrology.

I hope my review will give you a greater understanding of your Virgo crush and is available to read here at Virgo Man secrets which includes Sextrology.

Virgo is Ruled By Planet Mercury

The guy born in the sign of Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury which can make Virgo guys very mysterious and thoughtful and who prefer to be guided by their principles.

Virgo guys seem to be born with an unwavering sense of purpose.

Having Mercury as a ruling planet also means Virgo guys are good communicators and even better listeners.

They tend to be level-headed in a crisis and be able to offer a sympathetic shoulder to cry on for someone they love.

A Virgo man is likely to enjoy keeping his own company and crowded places never appeal to him. What’s more, he is likely to take some time before he can trust anyone.

In the following section, I am going to give you more insight into some of his more defining traits and characteristics.

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Virgo Man Best Match Characteristics

Virgo man with woman drinking red wine while they discuss the Virgo amn traits that led to their disagreement

Virgo Man Love and Relationship Traits

The Virgo man in love tends to get along better with Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius, and Capricorn women.

This does not mean that women born under a different zodiac star sign will be incompatible, they will just need to compromise more.

A man born under the sign of Virgo is caring, pragmatic, and romantic when he is in love.

He just needs a partner who knows how to bring out his true Virgo male personality so that he feels totally comfortable in a relationship.

If you are feeling a little isolated, and are concerned your Virgo guy is possibly taking you for granted, it might mean that there is something lacking between you.

Take care that you don’t pick up on the signs he is becoming distant and misinterpret that he is losing interest in you.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, the excitement can start to fade from a relationship. If this is your situation, take a look at Make Him Want You, it might be all you need to ignite the passion.

In order to prove himself to the lady in his life, the Virgo man in love will want to show how much she means to him. He has an honest character and will expect the same from his partner.

However, he can be overly shy, and doing some of these things can sometimes be a daunting task for him.

Virgo men often tend to take their time in developing relationships due to their naturally suspicious nature.

Are you having trouble getting his attention or struggling to find a way of getting him to ask you out? You may find this article helpful. How to make a Virgo man obsessed with you.

However, once he gets into a relationship and feels comfortable, he can become very romantic, faithful, and loyal to his partner.

The man born under Virgo which is an earth sign is one of the most sought-after zodiac star signs for women looking for a stable relationship.

If you want this man, you need to know the one thing he craves from a relationship, the one thing he is desperate to have in a relationship. Find out in this short video here.

Find out more about a Virgo man’s traits and characteristics in this YouTube video.

He is Industrious

A Virgo man usually has a strong work ethic, can be very diplomatic, and enjoys using those skills to deal with tricky situations.

As much as he enjoys working with other people, a Virgo man will usually prefer to work independently and be his own boss.

Virgo men are often highly skilled people and tend to do exceptionally well in their working life. They have strong work qualities and professional work ethics.

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He Can be a Daydreamer

The Virgo male characteristics can include being very patient, kind, helpful, and compassionate.

He can be very realistic and down-to-earth, and he loves to daydream about things he would love to accomplish in the future.

When dealing with a Virgo man it is good to pay attention, and expect to see someone who is either very messy or very clean but always a perfectionist and punctual.

However, in return, a Virgo man will expect you to also have high standards of perfection in what you do and be punctual when it comes to time.

Despite his patience, a Virgo man can be very unsympathetic to insensitive toward deceitful people.

He is Intelligence

Woman comforting a Virgo man as he rests his head on hers

A Virgo man is known not only to be intelligent but also attentive to detail.

What’s more, they never seem to overlook and bypass the things that they consider to be of importance to them.

Interestingly, Virgo men are said to often have the ability to be able to remember the things that happened to them during their early years.

This may be why they never forget if someone has wronged them.

One of the strong Virgo male traits is a fear of being taken for a fool.

It would be wise for a woman to avoid two-timing this sensitive soul, and even tread carefully if considering trying to make him jealous.

In addition, the intelligent Virgo man is known to be very creative and would love to engage in activities such as writing, painting, pottery, and carpentry.

Suggesting that you may also be interested in any of the above will also possibly move you one step nearer to your perfect relationship.

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 He Can Be Conservative

Virgo is an earth sign and male traits can include not accepting the views and thoughts of others before he ascertains that they are indeed effective.

He wants to feel that he has thought things through and that the outcome can be safely applied.

He pays a lot of attention to detail and is very rigid with his routines and will rarely change them for the sake of others.

Any change in his routine is likely to cause him deep anxiety, sleepless nights, and depression.

He is a Great Problem Solver

Woman with her arm around a Virgo man who is smilingVirgo men are known to have great problem-solving skills and rational thinking abilities. They love to settle disputes without causing chaos.

What’s more, they have the ability to put a smile on people’s faces especially when others are feeling angry.

A Virgo man will easily respond to individuals in distress. In addition, they seem to always be able to find solutions to other people’s problems.

They seem to have a built-in sense of what is right in every situation.

He Has a Love Of Adventure

A Virgo man has a great sense of adventure and enjoys exploring rather than returning to the same place.

Because of their love for traveling, Virgo men normally enjoy saving as well as planning for their trips and are always looking for exciting places to visit.

Virgo guys usually have a strong sense of right and wrong.

You might find he holds high value for his environment and will possibly not allow anyone to pollute and litter it while he’s watching.

If you have decided that your Virgo crush is all you dreamed of in a man, you need to snap him up before another woman takes his fancy.

There is one thing that will virtually guarantee his commitment to you, and that is understanding his hidden desire.

Would you like to know how to create a deep-rooted desire for you in your Virgo man’s mind?

If you would, then what I am about to show you, could change your relationship forever!

Physical attraction is important to create a spark, but emotional attraction is what holds a partnership together.

Relationship guru James Bauer reveals how to connect to a Virgo man’s mental G-spot to raise his passion for you.

You can take a private preview of this video as James describes, from a guy’s perspective, what a Virgo man craves from a permanent relationship.

Final Thoughts

Virgo man traits and characteristics can be both positive and negative.

He has great powers of observation, reasoning, rationality, and problem-solving. However, when it comes to affairs of the heart he is not so confident.

He is sometimes a perfectionist in the extreme and may find it difficult to trust and open up to new people.

If you have a crush on a guy, you really need to completely understand the Virgo man’s traits and characteristics.

He has the makings of a great partner and lover but can easily retreat within his shell if not handled correctly.

If you haven’t already, I advise you to read my review below of a book by Anna Kovach, a devoted astrologer and relationship expert.

This gives you all the knowledge you need to make a Virgo man love you and only you. See my review here.

I hope you found this article helpful, there are lots more tips related to a Virgo man on my website not bookmark it for future reference?

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