Virgo Man Traits and Characteristics

a virgo man with his girlfriendUnderstanding the traits and characteristics of the Virgo man will help you relate to his personality which will lead you to create your perfect partnership.

Care must be taken in assuming a Virgo personality is an overriding feature and must also accept a man who does not think and act the same way a woman does. Many women overlook the vital signals that a Virgo man puts out when thinking about romance.

Virgo man’s compatibility relies on a woman appreciating his need to be understood and her willingness to uncover and release his desire to love one woman. What a Virgo man likes in a woman is her showing her caring nature.

I recently discovered a work by renowned relationship expert James Bauer which you may find really interesting. James has studied the Virgo man characteristics and shares his knowledge in this short article entitled His secret obsession. You can read and learn how, by changing minor things on your approach, you can easily win the heart of a Virgo man and make him commit to you.

Here in this article, I will delve into details of the primary traits of this zodiac sign.

As you probably know, a Virgo man is one born between August 23rd and September, 22nd.

Virgo Personality

In general, he is a man known to have outstanding character traits of dependability and honor. Once you allow him to get to know you at his own pace, he will prove to be reliable and trustworthy.

Besides this, he has a good sense of realism, attentive to detail, and always strives for perfection in what he does. This can sometimes be to his detriment especially with people who do not understand his complex characteristics.

A Virgo man does not show his feelings easily to a woman even if he is madly attracted to her. He fears rejection, and care needs to be taken in the early stages to avoid giving him the wrong signals.

Once a Virgo man has had time to decide that he is not going to be rejected or hurt emotionally, he will relax and open up. This is when a woman will see his true Virgo personality shining through.

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Do not chase a Virgo man

He will need to know that you find him interesting and attractive, but in no circumstances should you chase him. He needs to feel he is doing the running. There is a fine balance to be had when dealing with your Virgo crush!

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Despite the aforementioned character traits, it can be very difficult to make sense of a Virgo man.

He can be a very mysterious and thoughtful man who loves and prefers to be guided by his principles. He seems to be born with an unwavering sense of purpose.

A Virgo man is likely to enjoy keeping his own company and might find that crowded places never appeal to him. What’s more, he is likely to take some time before he can trust anyone.

In the following section, I am going to give you more insight into some of the most defining Virgo man traits and characteristics.

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Common Virgo Man Personality Traits & Characteristics

couple drinking wineVirgo man love and relationship traits

The Virgo man tends to get along better with Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius and Capricorn woman.

This does not mean that women born under a different star sign will be incompatible, they will just need to compromise more.

A man born under the sign of Virgo is caring, pragmatic and romantic when he is in love. He just needs a partner who knows how to bring out these characteristics so he is comfortable.

In order to prove his love for the lady in his life, the Virgo man will want to show how much she means to him. He has an honest character and will expect the same from his partner.

However, he is overly shy and doing some of these things can sometimes be a daunting task for him.

Virgo men often tend to take their time in developing relationships due to their naturally suspicious nature.

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However, once he gets into a relationship and feels comfortable, he can be very romantic, faithful and loyal to his partner. The man born under Virgo is one of the most sought after zodiac star signs for women looking for a stable relationship.

Virgo guys are hardworking

A Virgo man can be very diplomatic and he enjoys using those skills to deal with tricky situations.

As much as he enjoys working with other people, a Virgo man will usually prefer to work independently and be his own boss.

Virgo men are often highly skilled people and tend to do exceptionally well in their working life. They have strong work qualities and professional work ethics.

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Virgo males can be perfectionists

The Virgo man is very patient, kind, helpful and compassionate. He can be very realistic and down to earth, and he loves to daydream about things he would love to accomplish in the future.

When dealing with a Virgo man, expect to see someone who is either very messy or very clean but always a perfectionist and punctual.

However, in return, a Virgo man will expect you to also have high standards of perfection in what you do and punctual when it comes to time.

Despite his patience, a Virgo man can be very unsympathetic to insensitive and deceitful people.

Virgo man intelligence

smiling woman with manA Virgo man is known to not only be intelligent but also attentive to detail.

What’s more, they never seem to overlook the things that they consider to be of importance to them.

Interestingly, Virgo men are said to often have the ability to be able to remember the things that happened to them during their early years. This may be why they never forget if someone has wronged them.

In addition, Virgo men are known to be very creative and love to engage in activities such as writing, painting, pottery, and carpentry.

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Virgo men can be conservative

A Virgo man does not accept the views and thoughts of others before he ascertains that they are indeed effective. He wants to feel that he has thought things through and that they can be safely applied.

He is very rigid with his routines and will rarely change them for the sake of others. Any change in his routine is likely to cause him deep anxiety, sleepless nights and depression.

Virgo’s are great Problem Solvers

Virgo men are known to have great problem-solving skills and rational thinking abilities. They love to settle disputes without causing chaos. What’s more, they have the ability to put a smile on people’s faces especially when they are feeling angry.

A Virgo man will easily respond to individuals in distress. In addition, they seem to always be able to find solutions to other people’s problems. They seem to have a built-in sense of what is right in every situation.

Virgo men love to travel

A Virgo man has a great sense of adventure and enjoys exploring rather than returning to the same place. Because of their love for traveling, Virgo men normally love saving and planning for their trips. What’s more, he holds high value for his environment and will not allow anyone to pollute and litter it while he’s watching.

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Parting Shot!

Like all zodiac signs, the Virgo man traits and characteristics can be both positive and negative. He has great powers of observation, reasoning, rationality and problem-solving.

Sometimes a perfectionist in the extreme and find it difficult to trust and open up to new people.

If you have a crush on a guy, you really need to completely understand his traits and Virgo characteristics. He has the makings of a great partner and lover but can easily retreat within his shell if not handled correctly.

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