Virgo Man In Bed With Pisces Woman – Cautious Liason

virgo man laying next to pisces woman in bedA relationship between a Virgo man and a Pisces woman is considered to be a very cautious one.

They both tend to take their time before making decisions.

What’s more, the Virgo guy and Pisces girl are also known to not only be adaptable, but also very flexible.

They are able to put up with each other’s imperfections and unique traits.

They also complement each other because of their unique personalities.

For instance, the practicality and pragmatism of Virgo man enable him to sharpen the skills of his Pisces woman.

His Pisces woman is able to show him affection and advise him without embarrassing him or denting his male ego.

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Virgo male and Pisces female are great problem solvers because of their flexible minds, imaginativeness, and inventiveness.

The Romance between a Virgo guy and Pisces lady is normally very sensual because they both tend to display affectionate gestures and their approach is rather steady.

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This pairing is often very loyal to each other and they are always keen on satisfying each other’s needs while in the bedroom.

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If you are a Pisces woman in love with a Virgo man, this article will help you to gain insights on how compatible you are in a sexual environment.

How Compatible Are Virgo Man and Pisces Woman in Bed?

couple sitting holding handsVirgo guy and Pisces woman have a unique sexual relationship and their sex life is likely to be very steamy.

Virgo male is not the most romantic guy in the zodiac, but he is capable of showing his Pisces lady some love.

On the other hand, his Pisces partner is very mysterious, yet very passionate and romantic.

What’s more, the Pisces girl is also very emotional, which enables her to make deep love to her Virgo man.

She is very particular about her sexual performance and if she realizes that she did not satisfy her Virgo boyfriend fully, she will try and investigate the reason why.

It is important to her to discover how things could be improved and if anything is bothering her Virgo guy.

She is keen to be able to make him happy the next time they have a sexual encounter.

Between the Sheets

On the other hand, Virgo guy tends to be less concerned about the passion involved in making love. He is more concerned about how sex looks, which can be quite annoying and bothersome to his Piscean girl.

What’s more, Virgo guy tends to be very reluctant to initiate sex if he is not stimulated mentally. When he is with the right partner, things can get smoking hot in between the sheets.

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A Virgo guy tends to be very self-critical with his sexual performance because he is always eager to please his Pisces partner.

Just like the Piscean girl, he is a guy who desires perfectionism while in between the sheets. He tends to pay attention to every detail when making love to his Piscean girl.

Having said that, this match is less likely to have a quickie. The Virgo guy is likely to indulge his Pisces partner in long hours of detailed foreplay.

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Complimentary skills

Virgo man and Pisces girl tend to be very skilled in foreplay and creative when it comes to experimenting with new techniques.

In addition, the Pisces lady likes creating a romantic atmosphere for their lovemaking activities. This will lead to lighting up scented candles and/or putting some rose petals in the room.

What’s more, Virgo guy needs to feel comfortable while in between the sheets with his Piscean girl.

Because of his need for comfort, he tends to prefer making love to his Piscean girl in his house or area’s where he feels most comfortable and secure.

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What’s more, comfort also means having enough time to please his Pisces woman and so he does not expect to be hurried.

He is also very keen on hygiene and he expects to make love to his Piscean woman on clean bedsheets in a clean room.

Virgo man is also likely to be turned on by subtle perfume aromas from his Pisces partner.

In addition, there are days he wants to dominate while in bed with his Pisces lady, and luckily, his Piscean lady does not mind taking up the submissive role.

However, she prefers to take up the dominant role when it is her turn to please her man.

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Best Position

The best sex position for the Virgo man is the face to face standing up position because he is ruled by precision and directness.

What’s more, his most erogenous zone is the stomach and he likes it when his Pisces woman strokes and teases it with her fingers.

On the other hand, the best sex position for Pisces woman is the spooning position. This enables her to engage in some sensual and intimate kissing with her Virgo man.

Her most erogenous zone is the feet, which are very sensitive to the kisses and sucking of her Virgo guy.

Parting Shot!

The sex life of the Virgo male and Pisces female is not one made in heaven.

However, both have patience and Pisces woman is prepared to find out all she can about her Virgo partner.

With this knowledge, she will know how to please and make their relationship work by making use of their unique traits to complement each other.

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Virgo Man In Bed With Pisces Woman – Cautious Liason
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