What a Virgo Man Wants In a Woman – His Secret Uncovered

Last Updated on December 6, 2021

virgo man with woman smilingAs you are probably finding out by now, a guy, born under the zodiac sign of the virgin can be a complicated creature to really get to know. But understanding what a Virgo man likes in a woman is the key to him falling in love.

On the surface, he is one of the most charismatic guys you are ever likely to meet, but underneath he has a reserved interior that is only open to those he knows well.

Obviously, sexual attraction, as with most men, is a major draw in what he wants in a relationship but this alone will not keep a Virgo guy long term.

He tends to have strong views on his place in the world and how everything around him fits into his life. He sees himself as a provider and a protector of his partner in a relationship.

The Virgo man ideal woman would be someone who is not too pushy and allows her guy space to make his own decisions.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying he wants a timid woman who will agree with everything he says, far from it, he wants respect for who he is, and when he has that he will start to open up his true feelings.

An infuriating characteristic is that he expects everyone to know what he is thinking which can invariably lead to misunderstandings. This, perhaps is why you are maybe finding he blows hot and cold and sometimes seems distant from you?

All this trying to understand what a Virgo man wants in a woman may sound like a bit of an uphill struggle, but I can assure you it is worth it if you want him.

Once you provide him with his main desire he is recognized as one of the most cherished of the male zodiac signs.

If you want to become the center of your Virgo man’s love and attention, you may find it helpful to watch this short video, which explains the vital thing that he wants in a woman.

Understanding Virgo Man Ideal Woman

Sometimes a relationship with a Virgo man can initially seem like an uphill struggle. Some of the time he doesn’t know what he really wants, other times he feels he knows what he wants but it is at odds with the other person.

This can be really frustrating, but the good news is that overall a relationship with a Virgo guy is worth persevering with. For all his other faults a Virgo man has many good characteristics going for him.

It would be nice to know sometimes exactly what our crush is thinking so as to avoid upsets that seem to arise out of nowhere. If only we could say the thing that our man wants to hear, but we have to hold back for fear of being too keen.

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6 Signs That Show What a Virgo Man Likes In a Woman

There are subtle signs that you can pick up on that show what a Virgo man likes in a woman. Follow through with the tips in this article and watch his reaction to things that you do.

a couple of people talking on a sofa with the Virgo man drinking wineHe will be careful how he touches you

When a Virgo man really likes a woman he wants to make sure that he doesn’t offend her in any way.

He wants to assure you that he has the utmost respect for you so he will be slow in making the first move with any physical contact.

A Virgo man will start by paying you little compliments, possibly noting how nice your hair has been styled or how well an outfit you are wearing suits you.

He will go out of his way not to do anything that may put you off him like accidentally brushing against you or sitting too close together.

The sign of Virgo is closely related to the symbol of virginity, and a man born under this zodiac star sign has characteristics that relate to him not giving himself too freely.

Once he feels you have given him permission to move forward things will change very quickly.

As soon as he feels comfortable with you he will be dying to show you what an outstanding lover he can be. A sure sign that your Virgo crush likes you is when he will seem shy and even bashful in the early stages of any relationship.

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What Does a Virgo Man Look For In a Woman?

What a Virgo man is looking for in a woman is someone who can relate to his thinking and also be prepared to discuss topics of interest. He may also ask you to explain or repeat certain words so that he can fully appreciate what you mean.

A Virgo man has a very enquiring mind and picks up on small details that other men miss. If he is into you he will be interested in everything about you, right down to the smallest detail.

The Virgo man ideal woman will love long conversations on a variety of topics and will revel in mental discussions. The Virgo male is generally very intelligent and wants to be able to rise above just the physical side of any relationship.

He will be exploring your mind to discover your interests in music and literature as well as anything that you have a focus on. This is where you can appeal to his intelligent mind by letting him know that you also have interests or hobbies.

The man with the zodiac birth sign of Virgo has the ruling planet of Venus which is the planet of love, and this guy has plenty of love to share when he is sure you know what he wants from a relationship.

Discover the powerful emotions he has for a woman who understands his hidden desires in this short video here.

A Virgo guy is one who treasures memories and will want to remember everything about you.

He may even be a keen photographer and will want to catch you off guard to store images of your distinctive smile or other unique features.

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Attraction – Romance - Commitment – Lasting love

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A Virgo is a man who needs to know everything about you so that he can be as sure as possible that he is not scorned later on.

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What Virgo Man likes Is To See Your Reaction To Romantic Gestures

woman smiling as she receives a gift from a virgo manUnder this zodiac sign, Virgo men are known to delight in sweet treats. As such when he likes you he will want to share his desires with you.

As he gets to know you expect to receive gifts of cupcakes or chocolates rather than flowers.

Gifts that a Virgo man gives are seen more on the practical side, rather than just something that is discarded like flowers when they die.

Although chocolates will be eaten and disappear the gift will have more of a bonding impression.

If he shares his dessert with you on a dinner date you can be sure you are going up in his estimation.

As a Virgo man becomes more comfortable around you he may develop a romantic nickname based on one of your striking good looks.

He may lovingly refer to you as dimples or blue eyes, hi-lighting your more alluring features.

Subtle signs like this mean he is tempting you with his affections and letting you know he is growing to like you more and more.

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girl looking at her cell phone to text a messageHe Will Want to Phone or Text You More Often

A Virgo man is known to have a very active and intelligent brain and communication with someone he likes is high on his agenda.

Once he has decided he likes you he will want to move things on by speaking to you on the phone whenever you are apart.

If he is growing to love you he will want to telephone you to arrange when next to meet or even just to hear the sound of your voice.

He will possibly phrase questions to establish if you are missing him and you will probably find him much less shy when talking on the phone.

Telephoning you out of the blue when you are not expecting it will be a sure sign he is into you. It may just be a call when he has a break at work and he gives you an update on how his day is going.

He will also want to know how you are feeling and he will gauge in his own mind if you are pleased he called or if you are irritated.

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A Virgo man is generally very conscientious and focused on the future as far as career prospects are concerned.

A big bonus to a Virgo guy is the convenience of texting. This form of communication allows him to stay in touch without interfering with his work commitments.

However, it is important to note that a Virgo man will soon lose interest in anyone sending a mountain of silly texts that are diverting him from his job.

As far as he is concerned words that carry a specific message relating to a shared experience have real meaning.

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What a virgo man likes in a woman is sharing everything including the ice cream they are eating while sitting on a flight of steps

Top Of The List For Your Happiness

You will always know when a Virgo man likes you when he goes out of his way to put your happiness first.

Virgo is a sign that is always concerned that his surroundings are comfortable and he makes sure this follows for someone he likes. Virgo is an earth sign and as such will be focused and attentive to your well-being and happiness.

Seeing the smile on your face is a massive turn-on for any Virgo man. Of all the signs of the zodiac, Virgo is one of the most genuine for the male.

A strong sense of duty and commitment drives this sign to strive for the best life can offer.

This is something he wants to share with a person who shows the same degree of honesty and reliability.

Once a woman fully understands how a Virgo man thinks and feels about relationship situations she will find him to be an ideal friend and lover.

A Virgo man’s mantra is being happy when he knows the woman he loves is happy. Understand more about His Secret Obsession here.

When a Virgo man starts moving problems out of your way you know it is a sure sign that he wants to know more about you for a long-term future.

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He Will be Attentive and Helpful

Virgo men are known to be very dedicated to helping others as well as being extremely conscientious and hard-working. He does not suffer fools gladly but when he has made up his mind that he likes you, he will always be there for you.

Assisting you to overcome life’s problems is a prerequisite of his character. If your car breaks down and you need a lift or even if you just need a shoulder to cry on, your Virgo crush is your man.

He is also a very good listener and you can be sure that any advice he gives will have been well thought out beforehand.

When a Virgo man has made up his mind that he likes you it is a boost to his character if you need his help in some way. The star sign of Virgo is connected to service and he will want to be seen as your knight in shining armor.

As time goes on he will be anticipating your needs and you will find, as a mind reader does, knows what you are thinking. As your relationship blossoms, you need to work on compatibility.

This is all about making sure your love stays the course and learning about give and take regarding each other’s needs in the relationship. Discovering your best match in life may take a little work, but long term it will be worth it.

All too often a good partnership can lead to a breakup by one partner taking the other for granted.

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Final Thoughts

The Virgo sign of the zodiac is accepted for being dedicated when love is found with the right person. He may initially come across as a mysterious being but once he likes a person he will be committed to doing everything he can to make her happy.

What a Virgo man wants in a woman is a loving companion who is prepared to uncover and explore his traits and characteristics that will allow love to blossom.

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I hope you find true love with your Virgo man.

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