What Attracts a Virgo Man – The 7 Essentials You Must Know

Last Updated on January 4, 2023

Attention: Are you a woman looking for the secret to winning over your Virgo man’s heart?

Interest: Virgo men are often drawn to women who display intelligence, independence, and strength of character.

They appreciate the simple things in life and are attracted to women who take care of themselves and have an inner beauty that shines through.

Desire: If you have these traits, then you have what it takes to attract a Virgo man!

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What Attracts a Virgo Man To Woman

a couple who are attracted to each other kissing in the parkVirgo men are very picky and particular about the kind of woman they want.

They tend to have very high standards, and they never really rush into a relationship.

What attracts Virgo men to a woman is they want to be sure that you are a companion they can count on for a long-term relationship.

The male born under the zodiac sign of Virgo is in demand by many female signs.

If you have the hots for a Virgo man, you need to know what will make him focus on you, before he gets snapped up by another woman.

More importantly, you need to know about his complex characteristics and how to use the information to make sure he has eyes for only you.

Renowned relationship coach James Bauer has studied a Virgo man’s inner feelings and developed a method for a woman to become the center of his universe.

You may find it interesting to discover the one thing Virgo men need most in a relationship.

It is not what you think, but it is the one thing that will have your guy crazy for you.

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Knowing this one thing about a Virgo guy will allow you to relax and your relationship will blossom naturally.

By reading this article, you are going to gain insights into some of the qualities that Virgo men find attractive in a woman.

Features and Inner Beauty Attract a Virgo Man

Generally speaking, men are visual beings. Virgo men are no exception and they tend to be attracted to a woman who is well-coordinated and good-looking.

A well-known phrase, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder also holds true, as Virgo men tend to look for the qualities of inner beauty.

So a woman need not be a stunning beauty but they do have to have standards that are attractive.

To attract a Virgo man, it is important that you dress well no matter the occasion. The Virgo man is one who cares a lot about his looks and style in general.

Having an appealing appearance entails dressing attractively and appropriately.

Wearing minimal make-up and perfume, maintaining neat hair, and taking care of your general health.

However, whatever you do, remember not to overdo it. The Virgo man tends to appreciate the subtle touches that will enhance your appearance.

His ego will be boosted with admiring glances from his friends.

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Show Him Your Intelligence

Virgo men are usually very intelligent and if you are an intelligent woman, that’s a plus.

They want a woman who will be able to challenge their thinking. One who will be able to hold interesting and knowledgeable conversations.

To prove to a Virgo man that you are indeed intelligent, it is important that you keep yourself updated by researching topics that would appeal to him.

You may be surprised at how much interest he shows in you when you talk knowledgeably about a topic he is interested in.

Conversations along the lines of current affairs will make him realize you are out of the ordinary.

A Virgo man has a set way of thinking and tends to be always planning for the future.

This makes it more difficult when a relationship begins to form and unbalances how he sees things unfolding.

girl laying on bed with phoneI recently discovered a program that is formulated with proven text messages that have a dynamic effect on a Virgo guy’s subconscious mind.

Carefully crafted words that make him think of the woman who sent them in a totally positive way.

If you are trying to get the attention of a new Virgo guy or just want your boyfriend to focus on you more, my article on text chemistry is worth a read here.

I explain the findings of relationship expert Amy North and her theory of text psychology here.

A Virgo Man Likes Independence

Are you an independent woman? Virgo men love independent women. They like women who do not necessarily have to be with a man to feel happy.

If you have eyes for a Virgo man, it is important to note that Virgo men love having some time alone.

A needy woman can make him feel uncomfortable. So be careful to show consideration, without being a drag.

Therefore, one secret of attracting a Virgo man is to keep doing your own thing. This shows your independence and gradually he will want to include you in his schedules.

Virgo men are attracted to a woman who doesn’t have constant demands.

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An honest personality

Virgo men find straightforward women very appealing. If you want to win Virgo’s heart, you need to always be truthful to him and to yourself.

Do not lie about who you are because that will only push him away.

It is important to always tell a Virgo man the truth no matter the circumstances.

Openness about your strengths and weaknesses would also draw him to you.

He Loves a Smart Appearance

Virgo men are very clean and tidy, and cleanliness is always a quality that attracts them to a woman.

If you are head over heels for a Virgo guy, it is important that you prove to him that you are not a messy or untidy girl.

Your house and your car must always be clean and clutter-free, as well as how you look.

This is a priority if you want to catch the eye of a Virgo guy.

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man teaching woman a technique in cookingBe Able to Prepare Nice food

Virgo men are known to be foodies. If you want a quick and easy way of enticing a Virgo man, it is to cook him delicious food.

You could also take him on a date, for a special occasion, to a restaurant that serves nice food, particularly the type of food that he likes.

If you know how to cook, that’s definitely a plus for you, especially if you can present his favorite dishes the way he likes them.

Conscientious Attitude to Employment

Virgo men are considered to be very hardworking, and if you are a lazy girl, they probably will not want to have a relationship with you.

They are attracted to a woman who is able to keep up with their busy schedules by being prepared to work equally as hard.

A Virgo man will be attracted to you if you are a woman who is determined, optimistic, and very active.

To appeal to a Virgo man, even more, talk to him and find out about his work.

He finds talking about his employment quite captivating because it is giving him the facilities to take him where he wants to be in life.

Final Thoughts

Virgo men are perfectionists who have very high standards about how they want to live their life.

If you are interested in what attracts a Virgo man, it is important that you familiarize yourself with their character traits and the kind of traits they like to see in a woman.

Equipping yourself with such knowledge would go a long way in helping you know what you need to do, to not only seduce him but to also win his heart.

If you want to know more about his characteristics, you may find it helpful to read a recent review I did on a book called Virgo Man Secrets.

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There are more articles regarding relationships with Virgo guys on my website https://virgomen.net.

Please feel free to message me if you need any further advice. I will always help if I can.

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