Why Are Virgo Men So Complicated, And Hard To Read?

couple drinking wineVirgo men are perfectionists in all aspects of their life including work, relationships, and their sex lives. They are not only hard and critical on themselves, but also their partners and those they interact with.

In addition, Virgo guys are very cautious about the people they share their feelings and emotions with. Other fundamental characteristics that they are also known for is being sensitive, and introverted.

If you have eyes for a Virgo guy or already dating one, it is important to note that it can be difficult to tell what is going on in his mind because he can be very mysterious.

If you are finding it difficult to get started in a relationship with a Virgo guy that you really fancy but he is holding back, you need to know more about his complex character.

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A man born under the sign of Virgo has an uncanny knack of sometimes making up his mind by jumping to the wrong conclusions. Once this happens it is very difficult to get him to change his opinion.

What You Need to Know About a Virgo Man

Virgo men can have a very volatile temperament, which makes it difficult to deal with them. Below are reasons why Virgo guys are complicated and hard to figure out:

girl looking over mans shoulder1. They are mistrusting

Virgo boyfriends often have trouble expressing their feelings more so because it takes them time to start trusting people. A Virgo guy is not the kind of person who will jump right into a relationship just because you have kissed on the first night.

So, after your first date with your Virgo crush, he is likely to distance himself and just keep quiet because he is not yet sure whether he can trust you. On the other hand, when you start dating, your Virgo lover will not open up to you until he gets comfortable in your company.

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You are likely to interpret his reserved nature as rudeness, but in a real sense, he’s just trying to understand what kind of a person you are. He’s likely to behave the same way with strangers, including your friends.

2. They are stubborn

Virgo men are naturally very stubborn. They find it difficult to let go of their principles. Your Virgo boyfriend will look at things based on how they ought to be rather than how they are in the here and now.

What’s more, due to their high level of logical thinking and intelligence, Virgo fellas tend to believe that they are always right. For instance, your Virgo crush is likely to become moody if he realizes that his opinion is totally different from yours, and vice versa.

Therefore, dating a Virgo guy can be very frustrating because he is self-reliant and is loath to listen to other people’s opinions, particularly when he has already made up his mind about something.

3. They find it hard to forgive

Care should be taken not to cross a Virgo guy because it can take a long time before he puts you back in his good books. What’s more, your Virgo boyfriend wants to know why you did what you did and whether you will ever do it again.

He may find it hard to forgive you if he does not understand exactly what caused the upset. You will have to prove that you will never wrong him again.

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Having said that, once he has made up his mind you have proved to him that you are genuine in your intentions he will be very loyal to you and your relationship.

girl being cuddled by man4. They are perfectionists

Virgo men will always want to do things to perfection, which means rules are the order of the day for them. However, once you know how to handle how he thinks this can become a tried and tested way of building the relationship between you.

In addition, your Virgo crush will want to build a long-term relationship with you once he knows you can keep up with his speed and way of doing things.

With that said, it can be sometimes difficult to deal with your Virgo guy if the rules he throws your way seem to you to be irrelevant.At times, you have no option, but to accept them and be patient hoping that he will soon realize that his rules do not make sense.

5. They give mixed signals

Another reason why Virgo males are so complicated is their tendency to give mixed messages. Therefore, dating a Virgo man can be very frustrating because he will only call you when he wants, for instance.

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In fact, after going on a date with him, he is likely to call you not because he is in love with you, but just to have a casual talk. Things can be that complicated when dealing with a Virgo man and you never know what to expect.

His mysterious and cold nature can really lead to a lot of disagreements and misunderstandings in the early stages but this should not put you off him. Once you completely understand his characteristics you will learn that a Virgo man will make a great long-term partner.

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Parting Shot!

From the information above, it is evident that relationships with Virgo men are not for the faint of heart. Dating the stubborn, mysterious, unforgiving, and perfectionist Virgo guy requires a lot of patience and understanding. But once mastered could be a relationship dream made in heaven.

Why Are Virgo Men So Complicated, And Hard To Read?
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