Why Is Virgo Man Slow To Commit

Woman cuddling Man while sitting on the grassIf you have recently started dating a Virgo guy, you may be a bit surprised that things are taking longer than you thought to warm up.

You may be asking yourself why is Virgo man slow to commit? Is he just another player looking for short-term fun or could he be husband material?

Or you may be worried that you are crowding him. You don’t want to put him off you by being too keen. But there again you don’t want to come across as too cool as to give the impression you are not interested in him.

All these feelings are normal in a new relationship with a Virgo man because of a typical characteristic that he needs time to convince himself that he really knows a person. It’s like a built-in safety valve that protects him from being emotionally hurt later on.

You, like me, are finding, when dating a Virgo man, that he is looking for something in a woman, that will reassure him, that he has found that special person he wants to spend his life with. A woman who can understand ‘The One Thing’ that will make him commit.

Something that I found, that has helped scores of women to get their Virgo man to commit is a program that understands his deepest longing for love. Leading relationship expert, James Bauer, has discovered a hidden trigger, ‘The One Thing’ that awakens a Virgo man’s deepest desires.

It is called the attraction tripwire to his secret obsession, and if you want to truly understand your Virgo love interest, you can watch a short video as James explains His Secret Obsession here.

Read the rest of this article for tips that could be useful in understanding your Virgo guy.

Why Is A Virgo Man Slow To Commit?

Why a Virgo man is slow to commit is a recognized trait that they are slow to get to know people in general. Let alone someone who may then become someone special. Which may later develop into a more intimate relationship.

He will naturally want to take his time to assess the impact that you are going to make on his orderly lifestyle.

This takes time and will require answers to multiple questions about you. He is not the type to ask outright but will be storing up information to enable him to reach his decision.

If you have the hots for a Virgo man slow to commit, you need to know everything you can about his complex characteristics. You need to understand how he thinks and you need to be sure he is not just playing around or leading you on.

I cannot cover everything about his characteristics in this one post. However, I did a review recently on a book by a devoted astrologer which explains how to develop a serious relationship with a Virgo guy.

I think you will be surprised at the insights this work can give. You can read my review of Virgo Man Secrets and see what you think!

Virgo men are hardworking, honorable, and once sure of the way they want to go make excellent companions.

They just want to make sure in their mind that the relationship is worth the effort of cultivating into a lasting experience. By understanding his characteristics you will be able to guide him into making the right decision.

A Virgo man is very perceptive and always looking towards the future. He wants to avoid any possibility of being hurt by a relationship.

A technique that is proving very successful for 100’s of women is subliminal messages that are sent by text. Crazy, you may think, but it is a proven fact that carefully crafted messages sent to a Virgo man’s subconscious mind have an amazing effect.

Take a look at an article I have written and decide for yourself. The power of subliminal messages.

He Gives His Heart To The Woman Who Understands Him

Bride with Virgo man in a gardenEvery Virgo man is different but they all have similar traits. Some require more time than others to adjust to changing situations.

It will depend on the personality of the woman he is getting to know.

Giving him space to make up his own mind is definitely preferable to pushing him and trying to get him to commit to something he is not ready for.

Getting him to commit to you must be done as easily as leading a horse to water. You need to make him think it is all his idea. With this in mind, you need to find ways for him to focus on you and only you.

If things are moving slower than you would like, you need to discover ‘The One Thing’ that most Virgo men want in a relationship. This simple knowledge that most women take for granted.

But it is the one thing that Virgo men crave and obsess over. Find out by listening to this short video where James explains the key to a Virgo guy’s secret obsession.

On some rare occasions where star signs are known to be compatible, a Virgo man will be more forthcoming initially.

As the relationship unfolds, however, he will still need to confirm to himself that things are going in the right direction.

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The Sensitive Virgo Man

A Virgo guy has a very sensitive nature and can overreact to silly situations that others would take no notice of.

couple drinking wine discussing why a Virgo man is slow to commitIf he feels that he has been offended in some way he may take time to get over it rather than have a blazing row to clear the air.

He will, however, remember what happened and when he is ready to raise the subject again. This can be a bit disconcerting for the other party who has already brushed it away.

Try not to overreact when he does this as it will only lead to resentment and you need to find harmony in the relationship.

In the initial stages of a relationship with a Virgo man, you may feel that one or two situations arise where you are treading carefully. But this is just adjusting the boundaries.

Because the relationship is new it is natural to feel that everything is only about the two of you. Finding ways to allow him space but still thinking of you is the key requirement.

Because the Virgo guy is so conscientious he may well have work problems troubling him. Things on his mind that he does not want to burden you with. Giving him space will encourage him to open up to you when he is ready.

Getting to grips with his sometimes complex character is the key to building a long-term intimate relationship. More help can be found here in my article Secrets Of A Virgo Man

Personal Space

The Virgo male is very independent and likes his own company and time to himself occasionally.

This has nothing to do with getting fed up with his partner. It just fulfills his inbuilt need to take stock and assure himself he is moving forward in the right way.

A clever woman will take a step back sometimes to allow this space. This will bring benefits to both of you as your Virgo crush sees this as an advantage to an independent partner.

Spending short times apart falls nicely in with the saying ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’. This is particularly true with a Virgo man.

Maybe you are missing the most important aspect of why a Virgo man wants to stay with a woman for life. It’s something he is yearning you to give him but can’t tell you himself.

Relationship expert James Bauer explains His Secret Obsession here.

Having said that in most cases, he will only be looking for the occasional ‘boys night out’. Once he has made up his mind about his partner he will want to be with her for the majority of the time.

Getting to know your guy will come easily to you if you stand back and let him do the running. You just need to be sure he is not just making excuses.

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Agreeing Time Apart with a Virgo man slow to commit

A Virgo man slow to commit will want some time to himself. It is also very important that he sees it as part of the relationship. A compromise which he does not take advantage of.

You need to see that he understands it is part of a routine involving both of you. Care should be taken in not making the arrangements too rigid that they then become boring.

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Final thoughts

A Virgo man slow to commit has a clear picture in his mind of who he is and where he is going. He can be sensitive and dwell on minor slights.

He is made out to be complex and complicated but understanding why is how to get him to commit to you in the long-term. It is no good assuming that he knows how you feel, he does not unless you tell him.

He actually appreciates a woman who will say what she means rather than beating around the bush. Rather than making him feel awkward and that he was expected to know what she was thinking.

Virgo man slow to commit is not one for mind games and needs to be told the truth of what you require from him. He may be holding back because of a long-forgotten incident that is making him think that you don’t want a permanent relationship?

Picture of Charlene smilingHopefully, the above has helped but if you need to know more then read My Review. Topics for getting him to love you, or how to drive him wild in bed. This will give you the techniques that will make him have eyes for only you.

I hope this article has been of help. There are plenty more relating to situations with a Virgo guy on my website https://virgomen.net. Please also feel free to message me in the comments box below if you need any further advice.

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