Will a Virgo Man Come Back After a Breakup – 5 Tips to Re-Ignite His Passion

Last Updated on November 28, 2022

I know, all too well the pain and anguish of a breakup with someone you love. But you must keep in mind the fact that where love blossomed once it can blossom again. Provided we control our emotions and think logically.

Will a Virgo man come back after a breakup, will depend on how you handle the situation, to make him realize just what he has lost.

Key Takeaways

  1. Avoid falling apart. Don’t let him see your grief
  2. Cheer yourself up by buying a new dress or another treat.
  3. Join a social club or gym where you can meet new people.
  4. Become more confident by thinking positively.
  5. Keep in his mind via text messages like these that connect with his subconscious mind.

Man wanting to get back after a breakup

Will a Virgo Man Come Back After a Breakup?

A breakup with a Virgo guy can easily be caused by misunderstandings because he is known to be very analytical and can tend to overthink and overreact.

Sometimes he can read into situations things that were not meant.

Will a Virgo man come back? It depends on how you handle it and understand why he is feeling in this position. This article will explain everything you need to know to repair broken bridges and make him want you again.

The worse thing you can do is throw yourself at him and let him see you are desperate. A Virgo man hates to be chased and wants to feel he is in charge of making his own decisions.

I’m sure, you, like me in the past, are feeling down and depressed about losing your Virgo man’s affection, it’s only natural.

But to get him back you need to calm yourself and try to think clearly and positively.

If He is Shutting You Out -This May be the Reason

woman and man in a carTo win a Virgo man back after a breakup, you need to find ways of reminding him of those good times at the start of your relationship when you both felt love.

After a breakup, your Virgo guy is likely to be obsessing over issues that could have led to the relationship breaking down.

His mind may be in turmoil as he thinks about all the good times you shared.

Events will be playing with his thoughts and he will be weighing up in his mind how much was his fault.

He may well be feeling as downcast as you but is confused with how things have gotten to this point.

To put things right and convince him that he wants you back, sending him carefully worded texts is a great way to get him thinking about you.

But ordinary texts might not work! The texts need to be crafted with subliminal words that resonate with his emotions.

Something that helped me, and many other women in the same position, was a program developed by relationship expert Amy North.

I was so impressed with the simplicity of the program that I decided to write a review that describes the program in more detail.

The secret to getting your Virgo crush back after a breakup is to re-establish contact without rows and recrimination. Amy North’s program called Text Chemistry can do that.

Listen to this short video in which Amy explains her program and then decide for yourself if this is the key to your future happiness.

However, care must be taken not to bombard him with meaningless pleading, as this will make you look needy and may well push him away.

To re-ignite his passion for you and avoid the possibility of him drifting away into the arms of another woman you need to understand the power words have on a man’s subconscious mind.

It is important to understand that winning back your Virgo ex, requires a lot of self-discipline and a plan of action. It is no good moping around wishing and hoping that he may call.

Listen to a short video in which relationship expert Amy North explains how carefully worded text messages can go directly to his subconscious mind.

Messages that fill his brain with desire for you and make him realize what he has lost.

Don’t continue to be miserable and downcast when you can send him these proven text messages that will make him want you, only you.

The rest of this article will give you more information regarding your Virgo man. Also, some things you need to understand in a relationship with this star sign.

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If He is Shutting You Out -This May be the Reason

Woman with Virgo man drinking red wine.Have you really been honest with yourself regarding the break-up? Is it possible that the relationship was getting a bit stale?

The spark of excitement was waning recently, more so than when you first met.

Is it possible that you had started taking your Virgo man for granted?

Every individual relationship is different based on how each partner reacts to the other.

This is why, if you are trying to win back a Virgo man after a breakup, it is so important you understand his hidden characteristics that make him act the way he does.

I recently did a review of a book by a devoted expert astrologist called Virgo Man Secrets. I hope you find it helpful. It explains in detail how a Virgo guy thinks and acts in many situations.

Virgo Man Standards

In other words, did your Virgo guy break up with you because of your inability and unwillingness to live up to his high standards? You need to really work on understanding his characteristics.

Why he thinks and act the way he does? Your Virgo man does not act on impulse! If you want to get him back you need to get him to open up and reveal the real reasons for the breakup.

However, you also need to give him time to get things sorted in his mind. Virgo man has his own impression of how he sees himself in a macho environment. He will want to feel that he is in control of the situation and calling the shots.

Therefore it is vital that you don’t bombard him with texts and phone calls. That could make you look needy and turn him off you for good. He may well need time if you have hurt him.

It is important that you find a way of letting him know if it is not through text then through family and friends that you are giving him time to think things through.

This will let him know that you still love him and want him and you will earn his respect by doing so. An article I wrote recently may help in understanding why your Virgo man has stopped texting you.

When a Virgo man Wants You Back

Possessive Virgo man with arms around a woman leaning on a carThe secret to knowing when a Virgo man wants you back lies in your understanding more of the complex characteristics of the Virgo male.

Discovering more about his traits and characteristics will help you learn why he acts the way he does and helps secure the permanent loving relationship that you crave.

Have a look at my review of an excellent book by renowned relationship astrologer Anna Kovach called Virgo Man Secrets which includes Sextrology Here.

Getting back together will be determined by you managing the situation. This is so that your Virgo man thinks he has made the first move.

As I said earlier you must avoid looking needy and chasing him.

Once you have given him a little time you may want to break the ice by sending him a text message. This has worked for thousands of women in the same situation as you.

Take a look at this short video by Amy North it may well be the answer to a lifetime together with your dream man.

Will Virgo Man Come Back to You After A Break-up?

A Virgo man will come back to you after a breakup, providing the events that caused the split is discussed in a logical way. Shouting and being emotional are the doorway to disaster.

If you are prepared to talk reasonably without trying to point score, a Virgo man will respond.

Virgo men tend to know what they want out of life. They also know when it is time to let go or rekindle a broken relationship.

So, if you are wondering if your Virgo guy still has feelings for you. Watch out for the following behaviors:

Will a Virgo Man Change His Mind

This will very much depend on how he sees the split and how much he thinks you really care about him. If he has misunderstood the situation that caused the upset he will need you to explain things without crowding him.

A Virgo man will rarely reply to your text or call you if he is not interested in you.

He is not vindictive unless you have hurt him badly. Have the patience to allow him time to come to terms that he may have lost you.

However, it is very much on his terms and when he is good and ready.

When he has analyzed the situation and decided he wants to try again he will respond.

Possibly, this may seem to be in a business-like manner, but he is just gauging reaction.

This is why the first contact you have needs to be sent with the wording that triggers the correct emotions and resonates with his thinking.

A Virgo man wants to feel he is in control. A woman who knows the secrets of his characteristics is in a great position of understanding when and how to say things that retain his belief.

It is not control over you that he is looking for but being in control of his life that makes him feel secure.

If you would want something that can fix your situation without having to think too much, I urge you to read this article that I wrote on a system that will have him begging to come back. Click here to discover!

Things a Virgo Man Hates In a Woman

It is important for a Virgo man to feel that any relationship is built on trust. It is therefore important that you don’t lie to him or deceive him in any way.

If he finds out that he has been ‘conned’ or cheated on by the woman he loves he will feel deeply hurt that his trust has been broken.

A Virgo man is attracted to independent women who are able to handle their responsibilities without totally relying on him.

Having said that, once a Virgo man has made up his mind about a partner he will do everything he can to nurture that relationship.

Woman sitting with hands clasped hoping her Virgo man will come backHow a Virgo Man Reacts In a Breakup

A Virgo man tends to show his resentment through silence. He withdraws within himself and portrays a reserved stance giving his partner the cold shoulder.

He hopes that this type of mood will create the effect of being the injured party.

Chasing him or trying to force the situation when he is not ready will only have the effect of driving him deeper into his shell.

A lot of breakups come about through misunderstandings brought about by one partner wanting to put more control over the other.

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The Virgo man characteristic is more about how he sees himself regarding his job and financial position in life. He very much sees his partner as having these same qualities and aims in life.

Understanding his traits and characteristics will help you achieve lifelong happiness and contentment. Also, you need to know how to trigger the key elements in his mind that keep him focused on only you.

Two Important Ways To Repair a Breakup

Step 1: Discover exactly what a Virgo man is looking for in a woman, how he thinks, and what you need to know to turn him on.

You can find the answers to these and many more questions regarding the Virgo man in a new book by relationship astrologer Anna Kovach. You can Read My Review Here.

Step 2: I am sure, you like me, realize that a man’s thought processes are totally different from a woman’s.

Watch this short video and see how Amy North has perfected a series of messages that get amazing results.

These can be sent by text and will get your man to focus his attention and become obsessed with you and only you.

Understanding and using the psychological triggers in a man’s mind will make him focus on love and relationship and make him focus totally on the woman who sent them.

Final Thoughts

Will a Virgo man come back after a breakup depends on studying the psyche and understanding if your relationship has a chance of being restarted?

It will depend very much on how you have handled the situation by getting him to realize that life without you would be lacking for him without you in it.

If you would like any more info on Virgo men in a relationship, see my homepage https://virgomen.net

I hope you find happiness but if you need more help contact me in the comments on my site and I will do what I can to advise.

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